About Greg Caldwell

Believe it or not, Greg's first performance was in front of 10,000 people at the Oklahoma State FFA convention. What a break in to the music business! The convention had announced to all the chapters that they were going to be opening with live music, so Greg mustered a few other FFA buddies and put together a little band called The Four Boys Band. They were selected to open the convention with 2 songs and Greg was hooked.

According to Greg the whole process actually started with a knee injury, "Actually, the whole thing only came together due to an injury I had during track, which put me on the sidelines for the season and left me with idle time. It was the best injury I ever had." After the convention, The Four Boys band entered a contest or two and played several venues in central Oklahoma. Greg says, "We even played in the bar where it is rumored that Garth Brooks bought the song, "Friends in Low Places". Eventually the decision of college vs. the band came so Greg headed south chasing "warmer weather, a college education, and of course, beautiful Texas women." After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Finance and International Business, he headed straight to graduate school for a quick year and a half in Phoenix.

After Graduating from the American Graduate School of International Management with a Masters, Greg was ready to get back to Texas, "Phoenix was nice, but I couldn't wait to get back to Texas, so back I came to discover my career." In 2001, with a finance career firmly
established, Greg decided it was time to seriously pursue music.

After spending a few months singing and playing 'open mic' nights around Austin, he eventually helped found a band. They went by the name of "Greg Caldwell and Texas Tradition". The band played a lot right from the start and was fortunate enough to open for another local band in bars all over the Austin area. Eventually "Texas Tradition" lost their drummer and that run came to an end. Shortly thereafter Greg met Mark Heinrich, the founder and leader of the well known Austin based band called Cheyenne.

Mark and Greg embarked on a new venture together and that alliance eventually morphed into Greg's current band. Greg says that he feels privileged to be playing with his current talented line up, "I am very excited about the project and look forward to a lot of serious pickin' and grinnin' in Central Texas and wherever else the road may lead."